UTV/SXS Wrap 570cc-1000cc

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*The $200 is a nonrefundable design fee ONLY [per kit] and will be deducted from the total price. Once the order is placed, you will receive a follow up email in regards to the design process. Upon approval, the remaining balance must be paid in full before the print process begins.

The following kits are available for car sizes 570cc-1000cc

  • Race Kit: Includes full doors, roof, full plastics, rocker panels
  • Full Kit: Includes full doors, roof, full plastics
  • Body Kit: Includes full doors, full plastics
  • Side Kit: Includes full doors, side front/rear plastics
  • OEM Kit: Includes OEM door (top only), side front/rear plastics
  • Door Kit: Includes full or half doors

In-house install service is available for extra charge. (Race, Full, Body) $350, (Side, OEM, Door) $200

*Wraps are intended for (almost) full coverage but not guaranteed. Some stock plastic colors may show around edges in some places.